Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tourists, PEI -

I was told, before I left home, not to behave too much like a tourist.

I worried that, in PEI, I would not be able to restrain my inner 'squeee' and would go all Emily-giggly. Well, we went up to Cavendish to see Green Gables(land) and Avonlea(land), took one look at the MCG sized carpark and drove right by.

We won't even see Charlottetown until tomorrow morning when we drive to the airport. Victoria is everything I imagined Avonlea to be. The locals all know us and people keep commenting that we seem to fit the scene (I saw someone taking a picture of me this morning as I sat knitting on the porch).

They even offered to send our shopping 'home' for us, so we didn't have to carry it as we wandered around town.

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