Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In which Ceels asks her mum questions about plants and, in a delightful secondhand bookshop, chances upon the exact dictionary she has been searching for -

Mum, what plants are the two following? The first one looks exactly like the monkey puzzle tree, but the branches are hella different.

This one is used as a hedge by loads of houses in Kitsilano. Never seen it before. There were so many plants I have never seen before in Toronto and Montreal, and the ones over here are all different again. I find it affronting that I don't know their names.

I have been looking for a dictionary and stumbled on one at a sweet little secondhand bookshop that was between the bank and the yarn shop. Someone has inscribed a poem on the page between the Lat-Eng / Eng-Lat sections.

(missing Toronto a little bit, this place is so bold and large and the mountains loom).


Dotty said...

The first tree that you asked your Mom about is definitely a Monkey Puzzle Tree. That's what they look like in Vancouver. I believe the hedge is a wax leaf privet (botanical name escapes me and I can't find it in my gardening book). Looks like you had fun at 3BF tonite. I'm bummed that I missed it. You probably met my co-blogger, Gladys. I hope the rest of your visit is just as fun.

Ceels said...


Thank you so much. The monkey puzzle tree was particularly bothering me. And I saw so many of the wax leaf privets, I am glad to know what they are.

I had an amazing trip in Canada and have already started plans to come back and visit.

Thank you again,