Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy -

Well.... life's alright... (bless a man who can use an apostrophe)

As I walked along an old haunt I found a new shop. I chatted to the girl, she and her brother are running it and they've been open 6 weeks. She said it feels like playing when your parents are out. Her brother's first purchase for the store was a turntable, which would be my brother's first purchase for a store, were we to run one together. And it is exactly the kind of store my brother and I would have - full of delicious things of deliciousness.

I found wholemeal flour that was actually wholemeal, and not white flour with bran added, and Agar Agar, which I have been searching for high and low. I was talked into buying sulfur-free apricots, which look like shrivelled up ears.

A parcel arrived in the mail. I have been enjoying the colour tutorials at Ruth's blog and had a little hiccough in the whole no buying yarn thing. What a happy accident. The colours fill me with delight.

It is my exactly second favourite kind of weather at the moment.

Happy? Thank you, yes.
Why I like my job -

I feel all bubbly. On the way to school I ran into a kid I taught last year. In English they have been set a project on smiles and his group decided that I would be the ideal subject.

They are coming to take a picture later today.

Now I wish I *had* washed my hair this morning. (and I can't keep from smiling).

Friday, September 05, 2008

Brother Habitat -

This was a very nervous-making project in this yarn:

I held the yarn doubled, and was convinced from the end of the first chart that I was not going to have enough.

It is huge, and should fit my brother nicely.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New bag, new hat -

While I was running errands on the weekend they took me near Scally and Trombone. And there I found a bag that fits all my needs (waterproof, capacious, long strap, purty).

Enough room for a book

and a knitting project or two.

And a card from a work mate.