Monday, August 31, 2009

Sock Summit Sunday -

Lis and I attended a fantastic spindle spinning class in the morning - hands too busy learning new things for photos. Abby and Denny took the class and were wonderful.

I went back to have my photo taken with the wonderful Steph and Peter at van der rock yarns. So much happiness right there. Steph has a wonderful eye for colour and picked out a colourway for the Ivy League Vest for me. I am madly in love with their Tartrazine and had to go back for a skein of it. Most of the gift yarn I got was from them and I kept looking at the colours and wishing I'd got one for me.

I also had a photo with THAT Stephanie. Bless this woman's comic timing. I went to put my arm around her and said (I kick myself still) 'O my goodness, you're tiny.' And suddenly she grew.

We had an interview with Michael for his podcast. Fortunately Lis brought the eloquence, I was reduced to 'Barbara Walker, Barbara Walker... squee!'

And the final photograph. The next one on my camera is at home with all my stash in a pile on the floor. I do not know if that picture will make it to the blog. I am reconciled with my purchases, but I don't know if anyone else needs to be exposed.

I cannot think of a way to thank these two great ladies enough (did you see how I did that? The two great ladies in the middle in orange who made it happen and the two great ladies on either side with whom I travelled and lived for the week.) It was such a splendid experience and I feel like I did about four months of living in the 9 days I was there.

We went for lunch at a delicious place called the Waffle Window and had the 3Bs waffle (brie, basil, bacon). I saw a few pics on other people's blogs (about half way down) and I am feeling hungry just thinking about it.

I didn't go to the luminary panel in the afternoon... I was feeling tired and a little anxious about making it to the airport in time and ended up just leaving.

I still haven't quite settled back into life and still feel buoyed up by my time in Portland. I am looking to head back to North America during our summer break for some time at Mount Seymour. I am so excited about it and it only remains for me to save up for another ticket (hello! lentils).

I am so glad I did this mad thing.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sock Summit Saturday -

We had breakfast at Tin Shed. (We had dinner there twice and then I believe the girls went back there for lunch after I left. It was a tasty, friendly place).

I got in to the Barbara Walker lecture in the lottery. I met the foolish virgins there (but forgot to write down the name of their creator), they look like pretty happy virgins, to me.

Met Barbara Walker.

This is one spectacular lady. Lis took this shot, we left, I burst into tears...

Some other stuff happened on Saturday - Morag and I took in a lecture, but then left early. After that, we were too busy for photos.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sock Summit Friday Part 2 -

At midday we joined the record attempt at the convention center. And then, when Lis went to the book signing, Morag and I ventured downtown for lunch and Powells.

And with Powells, so concluded the process of falling in love with Portland. I kept picking up books until my arms were full and then swapping them for other ones. Finally, I reminded myself that I had to fit everything in my luggage and left with 3 cookbooks.

We were so overwhelmed we had to retire for chai and some nectarine and blackberry pie in nearby half and half. Then we had rooibos and a cookie.

This car was parked opposite, I had to get a shot for my brother.

And this delightful man was our waiter. He gave me a lucky penny.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sock Summit Friday Part 1 -

Friday morning I was in another Meg and Amy class. Anne Berk was there and was wearing one of Meg's shawls. It is beautiful and I am tempted to try it one day, although I am intimidated by the knit 18 into one.

I tried on the full-length arch-shaped stocking that Elizabeth knit for Meg when Meg was a teenager. This shot was taken just before I gasped with astonishment because. It. Fit. Perfectly.

I took a closer shot to remind myself to include the sheep fold cable and the reverse stockingette gusset when I next make an arch-shaped stocking.

Lis busted out the timtams for Meg and Amy.

I nearly died of happiness right there, but then the afternoon came...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sock Summit, Thursday Part 3 -

This was the queue to get into the market place when it first opened. It gives you a bit of an idea of what the energy and good humour was like throughout the four days. I found another video of this and at about 21 seconds you can glimpse me filming from the other side.

I had my picture taken with the Sanguine Gryphon girls, but was a little distracted from taking any more of the marketplace. These guys were great and they wore a different fancy outfit every day. I wish I'd taken their picture each day and got a shot of their whole stall, it was beautiful.

Tis a fearful thing to love what death can touch - tattooed on tartan gryphon's arm.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sock Summit, Thursday Part 2 -

I set up my classes before I left so that I could still teach using the wonders of the modern technology. Of course that meant I had to go find the wonders of the modern technology, which lead me on a journey to the Multnomah County Library in downtown Portland.

I nearly died of library happiness. The stairs were decorated with vines and creatures and things. They were fabulous, but not easy to photograph.

Does it surprise you to learn I found the children's section?

I couldn't spend long, but it was great.

It was a beautiful building and I was well on my way to falling desperately in love with Portland.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sock Summit, Thursday Part 1 -

I can't really explain how over excited we were, we arrived very early to ensure registration went with out a hitch (needn't have worried). We got to meet Tina.

And then we saw Jess and Mary-Heather, who gave us ravelry buttons (I can't decide whether to squee now, or save it up until later).

Okay, squee!! We took a class with Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen. Do you see what we have in our hands? the actual moccasin socks actually knit by Elizabeth Zimmerman. And the class was amazing. Meg and Amy are crazy-talented knitters and teachers. I have been trying to be more like Meg in my classes and it is a great boon to my teaching.

See me, standing right there? ...stuff kept happening and I kept thinking: This, for this alone it was worth the madness of coming. I plan to attend knitting camp in two years - they often fall during the holidays. My American auntie gave me a copy of Little House in the Big Woods when I was little, I read it many times and have long wanted to visit Wisconsin.

Monday, August 24, 2009

F*cking Sparkly Vampires -

We caught the ferry to Port Angeles and I noted that, indeed, it was overcast.

We (Morag and I) were horrified to discover this shop. You can't see inside, but a great deal of it was devoted to a certain whiny stalker.

We drove about 5 miles off the highway and had our lunch by a little cottage. Morag's mum had packed the lunch for us and wrapped the sandwiches in waxed paper.

It was still and quiet and the trees were tall and very silent.

Some guy brought his new bride here a couple of hundred years ago (I can't remember details... this is why I should always write things down) when it was newly built. I can't even imagine.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lughnasadh -

I went to Morag's party, disoriented and sleep deprived. Halfway through the night everyone broke out instruments.

It was worth travelling so far just for this.

The Centre of the Universe was nice and cool on a mid-summer's day.

O, and, sitting on a plane for 15 hours after doing 2 hours of Pilates? - an interesting choice that makes moving quickly an challenging prospect.