Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Somewhere over Duluth -

Koolhaas (yes, I am a fangirl...) (actually, this picture was taken in a bar, sipping sangria in the late afternoon sunshine, yesterday)

We have had the most entertaining flights with Westjet. The flight attendant making the announcements for the Toronto-Vancouver leg today was particularly amusing.

Highlights: pointing out they'd be amazed if anybody actually did look at the safety card in the back of the seat in front of you; getting us to applaud the hard work of the flight attendants for getting us in to Vancouver 15 minutes early; as we were taxi-ing in to the terminal when everyone starts unbuckling their seat belts before they are supposed to a dis-embodied voice saying "I can hear seat belts".

We were very sad to leave Toronto. But 'yay' for the Canada laws that let you knit on the plane so you can finish your Koolhaas in time to give to your Canada friend the next day.

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brent said...

i think you would find a different experience on Southern China Air...

Knitting needles?? Not on your life.