Saturday, July 19, 2008

Final Day in Vancouver, BC -

The final day was very like a microcosm of the trip. We walked, and I made bec wait while I took a picture of something odd.

We went to morag's house and drank excellent tea.

We went to a delicious bakery and ate food. In this case a carrot muffin and a gingerbread moose.

I took a picture of some graffiti.

We sat (on the knitting balcony) and knit

And looked at the view and the summer-ness and it was warm with a cool breeze and I was happy.

Now to plan the Wool and Whiskey tour of Scotland, any one want to come? (there is already one person who plans to make it a Whiskey tour of Scotland, just adding whiskey where we would be looking at Wool).

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