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Goodbye, city of glass.

Hello, Melbourne.

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Kindred Spirit

There was a big party going on in there. And one little girl, sitting in the window with a book.

Stanley Park racoons and a squirril.

Here is a picture of a squirrel in a tree. He looked like he'd been surprised by the rising waters and couldn't get back to dry land.

Here is a picture of a man trying to get his hand bitten off.

There were about five of these little guys and they were as bold as brass.

They looked a little like wombats, until they started moving, and then it was all sproinging and skinny legs.

This is just as one reached for my camera as though it were food.

Josh says he has not seen so many of them together at once, nor so fearless of humans. Morag says that this is Stanley Park and people feed them, even though they shouldn't.

Pretty darn cute.

Stanley Park birds

One of a pair of eagles cavorting on the updrafts.

A, um, gull of some sort.



Ducks (been a bit of rain in the last few days...)

The eagles, moments after they'd scared the buggery out of all the ducks and geese by doing a low fly over Lost Lagoon.

A blue Heron (I think, I'll have to check with Morag, in my mind it is called a bloody great big heron).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Siwash Rock

Indian legend tells us that this 50 foot high pinnacle of rock stands as an imperishable monument to "Skalsh the Unselfish", who was turned into stone by "Q'uas the Transformer" as a reward for his unselfishness.

I can't help but think that Skalsh got a bit of a bum deal, at least he has a nice view.

Girl in Wetsuit

Olympic rings

Okay, so I've walked the Stanley Park seawall twice, now. It is brilliant, I love it. And there will follow several posts of Stanley park, starting with the big arse olympic rings.

Obviously today was much sunnier and didn't end with us getting drenched.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Broadway and Granville

I have been meaning to make this hat for a very long time. The Malabrigo worsted is very quick to knit and the colours are grand.

I blocked it over an enormous plate and it fits rather well.

Aphrodite's and a hat.

I had my first piece of pumpkin pie. It was delicious. I am going to learn how to do this and then open a pie shop in Melbourne and make pie all the time.

Why, yes! I did immediately follow the pumpkin pie with apple and black current pie. It was delicious. This was right before I accidentally walked all the way to UBC. I wasn't lost, exactly, I could have found my way back, but I wasn't where I thought I was going. At any rate, it is just as well I ate two slices of pie.

And I made a Rose Red. In green Malabrigo.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Howl's Castle, or Hermione's or something

I can't tell you how happy these photos make me. They are full of delicious things and good memories. You can just see Morag's cup in this one, and the tea pot that has delivered us so much delight. Plus there is chocolate melting in a pan for the white chocolate roux icing that we were making which was genius and I can't believe I've never known about this icing before, but I am definitely having a party at home (when it gets cooler) where there will be some sort of cake acting as a vehicle for this icing - I can't even explain how delicious it was, it was like eating icecream, almost.

We had loads of fun constructing a story about a Roman and a horse and Hermione

Then the cake and the icing were brought together in a beautiful whole, with cherries on top.

And after a short amount of hilarity, we each ate an ENORMOUS amount of cake. It was a cake party that really required at least 12 people to eat the cake - we plan to do that next week.

We will be making rose water and pistachio cake with chunks of turkish delight; and a citrus and poppy seed cake. We are also contemplating a red velvet cake - but we will see how many people are coming.