Thursday, July 03, 2008

I enjoy being a damsel in distress with all these helpful Canadian boys around; or, saved by a man on a Harley; or, St Stephen, NB -

We were both tired, leaving Belfast, and were contemplating stopping another night in the US. When we pulled over to change drivers we looked up to find a shack selling guns and computers. I turned to bec and asked if we could please sleep in Canada.

If the room didn't justify our decision.

This did.

The lovely woman who runs the B&B is mad for tea. I had not only English Breakfast, but also a delicious Rooibos blend. She is an excellent chef and we devoured a deeply satisfying breakfast. I highly recommend her establishment if you like food or tea or cosy rooms.

There is also a chocolate museum in St Stephen.

In Canada everyone stops for a break down and burly men help you out and there was a very beautiful ambulance driver who went past and after this I am wondering if customs will let me bring a Canadian boy home as well as the Maple Syrup.

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