Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rupert, Guido and Charlie, PEI -

The dogs seem to be all over the village, and feature in some of the town promotion.

I was trying to post something sensible, but I am full of another excellent dinner by Stephen (a fine man who brings us tea in the mornings, he laughed as my face lit up when he came in with this morning's pot, I shall miss him as much as I miss Victoria) and a little sleepy.

I would try and describe all the food here, but I could go on for pages. Stephen cooks with local ingredients and does astonishing things. He has talked us in to coming back for winter (maybe in a year and a half...)

Although, the power went out in town today for several hours and I don't imagine that would be as amusing when it is -30.

In the morning we get up at stupid o'clock (though there is an argument, bec thinks it should be half past stupid o'clock, i'd rather have less sleep and the extra time up my sleeve) and leave Victoria.

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