Friday, July 04, 2008

Home, PEI -

If the rest of the trip had not already been, this afternoon would be worth all the jet lag I have been struggling with these past few days.

The front steps of our inn.

The front stairs of our inn, (we knew we had come home when we walked in to see these).

Just out of sight around the banister is the extremely handsome young man who welcomed us. He is soft of voice and has a firm handshake.

The view from the window by my bed. Note the very comfortable looking pussum.

Our front verandah is very scenic and, with a very scenic cat on the chair, it made a lovely post card shot. I tried to go out and capture it, but the cat was having none of it and came and sat on me instead.

Just down the road, past the chocolate factory, is a red sandy beach and the ocean.

I wonder if school would mind if I called in sick for a year or so.

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