Tuesday, February 17, 2009


A little bit of Finland arrived in the mail today.

Thank you for your interest in my ladybirds. Here are your stitch markers and something extra, too: it is a cell phone charm, hope you like it! The coat in the card is a work of art by a Finnish artist called Anni Rapinoja. She makes fabulous things out of materials from nature, such as common reed, feathers and twigs. There is something very "Finnish" in her art, and that is shy I wanted to mention it and send you this card. Thank you and have fun knitting!

The jacket, made from Phragmites australis.

And the stitch markers. I am delighted by them. I asked for some mingus ones and I love them in all their pop-eyed glory. And they have arrived in perfect time as I struggle to move the too-small stitch markers round the needles of the hap blanket.

And the phone charm is keeping my phone safe.

And I am off to investigate Anni Rapinoja. Gosh, but I love the internet.

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