Friday, February 13, 2009

Bushfire Housing -

A friend has just started a site to help connect people who have spare rooms/houses with people who have no room/house.

She says:
"Hi All,

I’ve been working with my wonderful co-workers Jon, Gil Dimitry, Becky, Ben and Andrew on a very exciting project to aid in bushfire relief for the past two days, and the first iteration has just been released!

Please be upstanding for Bushfire Housing [], an online tool to facilitate the pairing of
those that are homeless due to the Australian bushfires with those that have room in their house, a vacant rental, newly purchased
investment property or holiday home they wish to offer as temporary accomodation.

We Need Your Help

This site isn’t going to work if no-one knows about it, so please tell everyone you know. If you can help, please sign up and list yourself. Go viral - post this on Twitter and, write a blog post, set your LinkedIn and Facebook statuses. Call your local talk back radio show. Email your friends and colleagues. Add a Bushfire Housing badge to your blog and company web sites.

Have you got an idea of how to spread the word? Let me know in the comments of my blog -

What’s In Store For The Site?

We wrote the whole site in about 8 hours and have spent the last 6 hours working on minor bug fixes and UI updates. Given the nature of the site, we’re working extreme agile; ideally having multiple release cycles per day.

Stuff for phase two includes SMS notification, Google map integration and more. If you have any suggestions or feedback, leave a comment.

Thanks in advance for your support,


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