Sunday, February 22, 2009

2am, a fine time for making plans -

I am making a liar out of me - or attempting it. This week at work I said to a friend, 'No, no. No travel plans this year. This year is all about saving money and learning to be good at my job, no more flitting about, ha ha ha.'

And I was going to write to Amelia to say, 'No, no - my travel plans to BC are a long way off, I am not likely to be swinging by your place in the next three years or so.'

I had resurrected the Wool and Whisk(e)y tour of Scotland, now with added Ireland, plan.

I had told a friend, 'No, no, I am not going to come with you on a once-in-a-lifetime trip through Kyrgyzstan where I would ride on a horse and live in a yurt (who else is ever going to ask me to come to Kyrgyzstan and ride horses??).

And then *she* writes about *this*. And I just about had heart failure and died when I saw that list of names. And now I am wondering if work will give me a week (and a bit) of leave without pay and I am pinning out the Hap Blanket, checking flight prices to Vancouver on the internet.

The only room with enough carpet to pin it out on is the living room. I will try and explain to my long-suffering housemate in the morning what a large damp blanket (that smells, slightly, of moth balls) is doing pinned to the living room floor. These shots are from earlier.

The angora in the Naturally is lovely and soft, although it sheds like a bastard - I have been covered in fluff for days. And I used all but forty grams of it, it has been sitting in stash for five years. Hurrah. (Just as well I started on a stash diet (and have stuck to it in spite of sore temptation) seeing as I want to spend a stupid amount of money to go and knit socks.


Sonia said...

If you go, do you mind if I live through you? It sounds amazing…

Ceels said...

I think it may just be my maddest plan yet.

Amelia said...

make sure you take a couple of extra days to come to seattle! i'll make up the spare bed.

Ceels said...

Excellent! (I still have to find out if I have leave yet, it has been a while since I asked... I am taking that as a bad sign.)