Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kitten, please -

I am having a massive bad craving to adopt a kitten, lately. And it is not helped by knitbloggers and their bloody cute cat photo posting. It must stop! (I *really* want the snowcat).

The other night while I was jogging (yeah, you heard me, ...I don't believe it either) I kind of blissed out and, when I 'came to' at the end of the lap, I had decided about how life is going to happen during the next bit. I am not going to go to Eritrea or [insert troubled/war-torn country of choice here] next year. I am going to learn how to teach properly here, first (and go to Eritrea in a couple of years time). I am going to meet a nice man on Friday night, we are going to have 8 baby boys (whom I am going to name after my favourite boys - James, Simon, Jonah, Alex, Albert, Jeremy, Harry and Neil). I am going to get a kitten and I am going to settle down. (I may have got the order muddled). I feel so relieved, now that life is all sorted out.

Well, until I get a bad day at school or remember that kittens last for twenty years and babies longer.


Bec said...

What, no Randall? Or Jared?

BertandFelix said...

I have 2 very cute kitties...but every once in awhile I will see another one and makes me want more. I have to remind myself...I have a happy home...I have a happy home.

Ceels said...

Oh shoot, I'm going to have to have 9 (I wouldn't be able to saddle a kid with 'Randall', no disrespect intended, because the nickname is so unfortunate in oz).

I, too, have a happy home and should be happy with my cat-less self.

Ceels said...

Oh wow, BertandFelix, I just went and saw your 'cat fight'.

No wonder you want more kittens, they are adorable.