Monday, February 04, 2008

Toe-up, never again? -

Finally, I finish the dread toe-up socks. They look ridiculous when they are off the foot, and the choice to combine the two different colours was a bad one, but they feel sensational. The yarn is Regia Bamboo. The foot is 1067 and the ankle is 1062.

I know the idea is to keep knitting til you run out of yarn, but I was so anxious about these and so worried about increasing for the calves (mental block - couldn't seem to help it) that I just finished them off.

I used the Zimmerman bind off, seemed to be the best choice.

And for some reason I feel inspired to knit socks. And I am in happy-drooling love with this yarn and the sock it is making. Thank you Bec.

It is nice to be knitting socks again. I will make one foray back into toe-up territory so that I can document how I do my 'chinese toe'. I will just have to decide on the yarn and the place.

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