Saturday, February 16, 2008

At last! -

Thanks to the kindness of knitting friends, I now have a photo of the Indigo Ripples Skirt and an answer to the question, "Can I wear this skirt to school?".

In other news, I finished my Cobblestone today. I wove in the ends before heading to Theoretic Gal's house. And then Grumpy Girl took a photo of it on her back lawn in the hope of getting it to turn out something like the colour it is, rather than the washed-out grey that I've been getting in my photos.

It clings a bit, I hope washing will help it relax. I made GG stand up to take the photo, the one taken from sitting emphasised my stomach feature.

I have a hundred and one things else that I want to cast on. I shall take deep breaths and restrain myself.


Hannah C said...

Looks really nice!

sue said...

The skirt looks great, and I really like the color of your Cobblestone.

Ceels said...

Thank you, they were both fun to knit.

Theoretic Gal said...

Just pretend I left you a big wolf-whistle as a comment ;-)
love the skirt so much.