Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Little, so Quick -

This pattern is kind of scaring me. I am following the directions, word for word (a change is as good as a holiday) and I am not feeling the trust that the pattern directions are going to give me what's in the picture.

And I have finally got around to looking in my Crochet book, and found I do have the necessary stitch pattern to make Moonstitches' Rhubarb scarf. I fear only that the yarn will not have the same breathtaking effect.

But still, the Sweet Georgia yarns are called Firefly and Angel, there must be some sort of cosmic ordering that will see these two yarns work well together.

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Aaah, a Rhubarb Scarf to be... I feel so honoured.
As for the colours, just try and see how it works. You never know. There is so much interacting going on in this pattern, you just have to start and see how it is developing.
Greetings from Japan!