Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Projects, Hurrah! -

I seem to have lost track of my finish-itis...

This will be a baby blanket for friends who are not even married yet, let alone having babies, I figure that will give me enough time to finish it. This blanket could be a smaller cousin of my left-overs granny square blanket.

I don't have that much left over sock yarn, so I am wondering about the rules on using full balls... I also wonder if I should plan colours, or just continue on in the haphazard way that I began.


chocolatetrudi said...

You could put the word about on forums and such that you're after sock yarn leftovers. A friend of mine bought a big bag of it from a US knitter via ebay, so you could try looking there, too.

Still, if your friends aren't even married yet there's no hurry! Or is there...?

Ceels said...

They are getting married in November... as far as I know there is no need to hurry.

At the moment the blanket has encouraged me to take up my socks again (neglected this long while), finish them, and start a new pair.