Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Knitting -

There are O! so many babies on the way at the moment. I am beginning to feel quite left out.

I have been feeling completely uninspired to approach any sort of knitting for the newborn, but I, just this day, made two decisions that have quite turned the knitting ennui on its head.

First, I am not going to knit for knitting friends who are having babies. I feel paralysed every time I think of it.

Second, I am not going to use one of the 'modern' popular baby patterns. I am delving into my (great great) grandmothers' stash of patterns.

Allow me to introduce the crew:

"Mitsy" the cover piece, a buttoned cardigan with a pattern through the body.

"Peter Rabbit", a two colour cardigan, clearly a hit with the model.

"Delia", how could I go past a cardigan that has a name so similar to my own AND puffed sleeves?

The slightly odd looking, but rather sweet, "Cross-over jacket".

And finally, my favourite, if only for the name, "Pickles"

I look at the babies in these booklets, one published when knitting pamphlets cost 2 shillings, and wonder about them. I have looked at them many times and to me they are (especially Pickles) immortal little babies.

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