Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saying No -

I am rubbish at saying No to someone, but I have been practicing. Rather than saying No to requests from strangers to knit things, I tend to go with 'I can teach you to knit'. The other night I told someone I know slightly that I am going to SS09 and when she got over her astonishment she said 'Wow, you must really love knitting socks', and started to ask me to knit something. I ran my line past her and she said, 'No, no, I know how to knit, this is different.' I smiled one of those funny gastrointestinal-discomfort-looking smiles and said No again. She said, 'But this is for a dear woman I teach Pilates to and I just know she'd love a pair'. And I told her I couldn't and class started and she didn't talk to me again.

The part of me that fears conflict had fled across the room and was hiding under some sports equipment. The part that gets bored silly knitting stuff for people I don't know and love was bloody relieved.


gg said...

so hey, you should you knit me a huge ginormous lacey cabley king-size bedspread in 25 colours. of your choice, of course, especially as i know you'll want to pay for the yarn.

i could do it myself, but it's like way bigger than anything i could be bothered trying.

it's for the daughter of a woman whom a colleague goes to church with. i met her once, lovely woman. never met the daughter but i'm sure she's lovely too. she needs it for a school project. it's due in about a month. you can do it during that trip to the US you've got coming up! Bet you were wondering what projects you were going to take with you, huh? You're welcome! Glad I could help!

Ceels said...


gg said...

it appears i suck at saying no more than you do.
it happened to me today. you knit scarves don;t you? sigh. for her husband's goddaughter. what makes people think i have ant desire to knit for strangers?