Thursday, July 09, 2009

Confluence -

Lots of things collided this week, in a good way. I have been thinking a lot about love. It feels like I have caught up with a person I used to love and a person I didn't once love, but do now; I am losing someone I love; I may get the opportunity to spend some time with someone I have loved for a very long time; and I have been thinking about the people I work with, a majority of whom I love to distraction.

I remember learning a number of words in Ancient Greek that described different aspects of love - I can't remember the words but they go something like this: 'mmmm, that was tasty cake', 'I love you, mum', 'Scuba diving is awesome', 'I feel happy when I see you', and eros - longing (not necessarily, but not excluding, sexual longing). I remember thinking that the English word 'love' woefully inadequate, but I think I like that it's so nonspecific. I love you.

I saw a man in the supermarket at home who was wearing a fantastic jumper. It is hard to see in the photo how very beautiful and gentle he is. If I meet someone for the romantical love, I hope he grows old like this man has.

I am sitting on the couch with two kittens snuggled together, curled up tight on my lap. I have spent much of the day sprawled in the sun with them. I don't know if they love me beyond my roles as bringer of food and a warm place to sit, but I love them.

And the weather lately has been clear and crisp, perfect for wandering. It reminds me how much I love this city, and that I don't really want to move anywhere else in the world.

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