Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking at you -

I put one of those google analytics things on the blog because I was curious. I often think there is only one person reading the blog and I tend to write it for her and I tend to get surprised when other people I know mention something I've mentioned here. [as a side thought, I started writing this to keep in crafting contact with Bec when she went away, now that she is coming back, do I stop].

Anyhoo, the analytics thing seems to suggest that there is some one in Pelotas, Brasil reading. And Massachusetts - a name I used to like getting my (now not) housemate to say because I can't. I get why Vancouver and Seattle show up, knitting friends live there, but I read that someone in Kaluga, Russia is reading and wonder who.

It hurts my brain less to go back to thinking just Bec reads.

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Lonepelican said...

Noooooooo don't stop