Friday, July 17, 2009

Litany of Woe -

Today has been one of those rather astonishing days that ends in a headache.

So here is my tale of woe. It sort of starts last night when I had one of those life changing conversations with someone. It was perfect, uplifting, thrilling. I left feeling high as a kite. As high as a very high kite. The high continued through Pilates and on through the night. At 10.44 I crashed and retired to bed with my step-sister's new book.

I woke before the alarm and got up to practice the presentation I was giving today. We were each given seven minutes, but I was only getting it under seven half the time. blah blah blah, then I went to leave the house with enough time to walk to the venue. One of the cats exploded, I cleaned it up and realised I only had enough time to get there if I caught the tram. Got to the tram stop and couldn't find my wallet. Fine, I had just enough time to get home for it... except I couldn't find it. I looked through house and car and figured I had dropped it at the supermarket the night before. Rang to put a block on my cards. Phone ran out of battery. Had just enough coins to buy a two hour tram ticket.

I arrived late, but in time to give my talk... except that they had started early.

I walked home - it took a little longer than I expected. By the time I got back, a blister on my foot had started bleeding. I looked again for the wallet, nothing, not in the car, not in my room, not anywhere. I was running late for Pilates, but decided to make a dash for it. Got in the car. Saw my wallet sitting under the windscreen wiper. I must have dropped it coming in last night and one of my neighbours picked it up (suddenly glad I know the neighbours).

Immediately called the bank to get the block taken off my card. They wouldn't. I tried to explain that I had 20c to my name and couldn't wait 7 days for a new card. They said the risk was too great. I was put on hold while the nice man spoke to a senior manager.

I drove to Pilates while I was on hold. Although I complained explained again that I only had 20c cash to my name, my card was cancelled.

Left Pilates and drove through peak-hour traffic to get to the Brighton Cinema where my kids were given an award for the short film they made. I was half an hour late, but didn't miss their film. Their film with me in it. There is something pretty cool about seeing yourself on the big screen. And they thanked me in their acceptance speech for giving up my lunchtimes and frees.

From there I drove to the city to catch up with a friend for his birthday. I flaked pretty soon on account of being tired and hungry.

The low fuel light came on halfway home. I wondered how much fuel you could buy with twenty cents.

But it's okay, I have beer and eggs in the fridge; plenty of flour and porridge in the cupboard; and a two month supply of bonsoy behind the kitchen door. I am going to catch up with some friends on Sunday for Harry Potter, they are practically family, I am sure I can hit them up for cash.

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