Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Serenity -

A new jumper has captured my heart. I have been completely obsessed by it for the last several days, but now the heat and several anxieties have slowed my hands and made me consider flinging this project from myself in despair.

Is the jumper going to look right done in 8 ply or will the cable look truncated? Will the flecks in the Cleckheaton spoil the effect of the cabling? Who is it for? Will it fit anyone? I don't think that the cable looks quite right, should I rip it and try again? longer? wider?

I look at the start of the jumper again. I worry that I'll lose motivation when I get to the arms (hello, borrowing trouble?).

I check out pictures of Wash again, I look at Firefly again (out of gas: 23:18 - 24:26, 28:32 - 28:52; the message: 40:24 - 41:20)...

Maybe I should go lie on the kitchen (tiled) floor reading a book until the weather cools.

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