Thursday, January 22, 2009

Orange and Lavender -

I went by Sunspun on the way home from knitting to pick up some needles I needed for my wolery jumper. And tripped and fell down: Colourscape.

That Kaffe, he can do colour.

I had a lovely morning knitting with friends at a friend's place (though I felt a little guilty taking advantage of the air conditioning and knitting on an aran jumper). She needs to get rid of her ridiculously cute baby, though. Every time I play with him I feel the need, the need to breed. It is really annoying and takes ages to wear off.

I was worried the jumper was going to be tiny on account of using 8ply. But I took it off the needles and it is bloody enormous.


Tannia said...

Babysit some slightly older children overnight - as many as you can at once. I find that this intensive contraception therapy will usually counteract the cute baby syndrome effectively!!!

Ceels said...

It is the smell, once I wash off the smell, I am fine. Though, I do do the baby sitting thing semi regularly and find that it helps :) (Mostly)