Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plumbing, grouting and other fun holiday adventures -

The cinnamon buns - mostly gone now, but this recipe will be tried again.

I bought a hammer recently and today a nice man gave me some nails to play with. I was also told what sort of walls we have here and was given a quick lesson in Where Not To Put Nails In Walls. It is my first hammer and I am delighted by it.

The hardware store was a foreign country, but I had an excellent guide. (He saw me holding a hammer and said 'That is not a good hammer.' (I felt immediately glad that I had not picked up the pink one). 'Who is the hammer for?', 'For you, a medium hammer. Hold this hammer', 'Now this hammer', 'You take this hammer, the balance is not perfect, but, for you, it is a good hammer'.)

Today, in the unbearable heat, I did the only sane thing a girl can do, I started a pair of socks (though, I suppose a saner thing might have been to finish the pair that has been floating around unfinished for 18 months now). But I needed the comfort that only a new sock can bring. The yarn is slightly thicker than I usually use, so I brought further comfort by using my 2.25mm Holz und Stein. Every stitch is a little bit of gladness, I love these needles to distraction.

And why do I need all this comfort? Well, due to a mishap, we will be without shower for the next couple of days. On the positive side, at least we have a bath. Also, the toilet survived in good working order.


Bec said...

er... what did you do to the shower?

Ceels said...

I wasn't *me*.

Ceels said...

Apparently there has been water getting in behind the tiles, so when the plumber pulled the tap out to change the washer a whole tile jumped off.

Unfortunately it is one that needs a piece cut out of it.

So, no showering until the water has dried out, the tile is replaced and the grouting is re-grouted.