Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cinnamon Scrolls -

We went to stitch and bitch at Wool Baa today and I met a lovely person who is recently returned from the Netherlands. He recommended a recipe (with a secret ingredient) for Dutch cinnamon scrolls. This brown paper bag proved convenient for copying out the recipe.

I made the recipe tonight, when I got home. They are due to come out of the oven in 5 minutes.

What? Why did I have a brown paper bag at hand, do you ask? Well.

There were loads of people at Wool Baa, some of them I have even managed to find on ravelry.

[Oh My... I just took the scrolls out of the oven. They are delicious. I want to eat more. Maybe it is just as well it is forecast to be so bloody hot in the next few days so that I at least can't bake any more. I want to wake up my housemate, it seems a shame that anyone should be missing out on this piping-hot, tasty goodness.]

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Bec said...

well look at that... pretty colours :)