Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baking -

I'll be damned, I did the kneading and the resting and they look like bread. I have been learning about bread from Delia. I have a battered old copy of her 'Delia Smith's Cookery Course; Part One'. I love her tone and am tempted to let her take me by the hand and lead me into a foray on pastry making.

She just sounds so comforting: p. 72, 'Pastry psychology. Yes, there is a sort of psychology involved. Attitude is the word I think sums it up, your attitude towards pastry-making. Once you've been shown how to do it, you must be bold and self-assertive! Go to it with confidence - I almost think that pastry dough can sense anxiety and then start to play up!'

I made her Oatmeal Bread. I picked this one to start with on account of her description: 'This bread has a lovely wholesome flavour, just the thing for a snack lunch with some strong Cheddar cheese; it also makes delicious bacon sandwiches.' She reminds me a bit of Elizabeth.

It would also get along well with pickled onions, but I was shocked to discover that we do not have any in the house.

I cast on for a new project in a rush of excitement that has slowed to a trickle of delight (arm sore from knitting means I should stop knitting, right?). I present you Ishbel. It is the second (fourth?) project from Ysolda's Whimsical Little Knits Collection. I bought the collection because I have been busting to make a Hap shawl since I saw hers, I even have the yarn in the stash, ready, waiting. I don't quite know what happened to nothing new until the Hap shawl pattern came out, but I cast on Ishbel and knit like mad (until, you know, the stabbing pain).

Soft and fluffy, the kid classic makes me forgive Rowan for the cocoon.

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