Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why I should knit seamless and a cautionary tale -

I finished this jacket weeks ago, but it has taken me until just now to seam the shoulders and weave in ends. I also wove in ends on a pair of socks that have been all but done for some time, too. I am 6 days (I hope) away from moving house and all I want to do is cast on projects. Like 11 (15) are not enough. (I included the official ravelry toll and the toll that includes a few others that are sneaking about) (a bit like sizing for a jumper).

About 50 hopeful renters tramped through my flat this morning. It was weird, me with boxes everywhere, standing in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea. Them walking in, feeling awkward and embarrassed, looking at all of my stuff (I have too much stuff). I am officially out of here in two and a half weeks, but my agents are lovely, so, when they asked for an open house this weekend, I said sure.

And now for the cautionary tale. I washed my garter stitch mitts before wearing them and green went everywhere. While they were still damp I kept trying to fool myself that they hadn't lost that much colour.

They are still delicious and warm and lovely to wear, but I don't like this new green and I am debating how to wash the 'matching' scarf.

And now, back to the packing.

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