Monday, March 31, 2008

Does it count as finished if you haven't done the seams? -

I have finished knitting my first baby surprise jacket. It was rather fun and I like folding and unfolding it into shape. I hesitate to sew it up because my seams are so often ugly.

I also finished knitting the rib warmer. I had to so that I could use the needles to start a Clapotis. I have spent a great deal of time sitting in cars lately, so there has been a great deal of knitting (and not much laundry... the pile is starting to fill me with fear). I did actually seam the rib warmer and it looked AWFUL. It was too big in the body and didn't fit over my boobs and made me look cut off and awkward.

I have unseamed it and ripped out half. I am making myself a pair of big-arse winter socks instead.

And I have begun and finished a Clapotis. The yarn was delicious to knit with and I was filled with a kind of unholy joy every time I ripped out another ladder. Deliberately dropping stitches? What fun. I had only three balls and knit it by wait and ended up with a metre of wool at the end. The last two pattern repeats were nervous ones.

I think this was the first time in ten years that I have been faithful to one project.

I just haven't been able to get a decent photo of the finished product. Another problem is that it looks great on my mum...


brent said...

a pair of big-arse winter socks

(socks aren't meant to be that long...)

Ceels said...

(well, I am knitting from the toe up, so they'll stop where they stop (though I think you start calling them something else at that stage))

brent said...

that's right... they call them ssssexy!

(Is it like Nanny Ogg? She knows how to start spelling banananana but doesn't know how to stop.

Ceels said...

sexy was not the word that initially sprang to my mind.

(Ha! I just read that one, I love Nanny Ogg, I like to think I am like her, though I suspect I am more of a Granny Weatherwax.)

Felicia said...

One of these years I'm going to make that Clapotis :) Yours is so pretty.

Ceels said...

Thank you, Felicia. I decided that I'd do it when I found the yarn on sale (which did take years). It was such a fun knit.