Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sock Summit, Thursday Part 1 -

I can't really explain how over excited we were, we arrived very early to ensure registration went with out a hitch (needn't have worried). We got to meet Tina.

And then we saw Jess and Mary-Heather, who gave us ravelry buttons (I can't decide whether to squee now, or save it up until later).

Okay, squee!! We took a class with Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen. Do you see what we have in our hands? the actual moccasin socks actually knit by Elizabeth Zimmerman. And the class was amazing. Meg and Amy are crazy-talented knitters and teachers. I have been trying to be more like Meg in my classes and it is a great boon to my teaching.

See me, standing right there? ...stuff kept happening and I kept thinking: This, for this alone it was worth the madness of coming. I plan to attend knitting camp in two years - they often fall during the holidays. My American auntie gave me a copy of Little House in the Big Woods when I was little, I read it many times and have long wanted to visit Wisconsin.


Bec said...

I love the fact that in every photo, your face says "Oh wow" :)

Ceels said...

That was pretty much my face for the whole weekend. Except for when I met Barbara Walker and it was all 'squee, I'm a fan-girl'.

I gave Barbara Walker the 'I disobey' pin. She laughed.