Monday, August 31, 2009

Sock Summit Sunday -

Lis and I attended a fantastic spindle spinning class in the morning - hands too busy learning new things for photos. Abby and Denny took the class and were wonderful.

I went back to have my photo taken with the wonderful Steph and Peter at van der rock yarns. So much happiness right there. Steph has a wonderful eye for colour and picked out a colourway for the Ivy League Vest for me. I am madly in love with their Tartrazine and had to go back for a skein of it. Most of the gift yarn I got was from them and I kept looking at the colours and wishing I'd got one for me.

I also had a photo with THAT Stephanie. Bless this woman's comic timing. I went to put my arm around her and said (I kick myself still) 'O my goodness, you're tiny.' And suddenly she grew.

We had an interview with Michael for his podcast. Fortunately Lis brought the eloquence, I was reduced to 'Barbara Walker, Barbara Walker... squee!'

And the final photograph. The next one on my camera is at home with all my stash in a pile on the floor. I do not know if that picture will make it to the blog. I am reconciled with my purchases, but I don't know if anyone else needs to be exposed.

I cannot think of a way to thank these two great ladies enough (did you see how I did that? The two great ladies in the middle in orange who made it happen and the two great ladies on either side with whom I travelled and lived for the week.) It was such a splendid experience and I feel like I did about four months of living in the 9 days I was there.

We went for lunch at a delicious place called the Waffle Window and had the 3Bs waffle (brie, basil, bacon). I saw a few pics on other people's blogs (about half way down) and I am feeling hungry just thinking about it.

I didn't go to the luminary panel in the afternoon... I was feeling tired and a little anxious about making it to the airport in time and ended up just leaving.

I still haven't quite settled back into life and still feel buoyed up by my time in Portland. I am looking to head back to North America during our summer break for some time at Mount Seymour. I am so excited about it and it only remains for me to save up for another ticket (hello! lentils).

I am so glad I did this mad thing.


Sonia said...

WOW! … just WOW!

I won't think badly of you, if you 'expose' your purchases, honest :)

Ceels said...

It was pretty amazing.

I will think about flashing my stash... maybe on the thread on ravelry.