Friday, August 28, 2009

Sock Summit Friday Part 1 -

Friday morning I was in another Meg and Amy class. Anne Berk was there and was wearing one of Meg's shawls. It is beautiful and I am tempted to try it one day, although I am intimidated by the knit 18 into one.

I tried on the full-length arch-shaped stocking that Elizabeth knit for Meg when Meg was a teenager. This shot was taken just before I gasped with astonishment because. It. Fit. Perfectly.

I took a closer shot to remind myself to include the sheep fold cable and the reverse stockingette gusset when I next make an arch-shaped stocking.

Lis busted out the timtams for Meg and Amy.

I nearly died of happiness right there, but then the afternoon came...


Sonia said...

OMG! That sock is so beautiful! Do you happen to know if it was written up as a pattern? It looks like you are just in heaven. Thanks for sharing… I so want to go next year!

Ceels said...

The pattern is

And I think you can just add in whatever colour work or cabling fits or suits you.

It was a mighty fine sock.

The energy at the summit was amazing, I came back to work and everybody said I was glowing.