Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whedonesque -

I have had these sweetgeorgia sock yarns in the colourways Angel and Firefly for a couple of years now. I tried to make Moonstitches' scarf with them, but the colours got all muddy. I needed something soothing and gartery and happened to look in their drawer.

They are not colours I would usually pick, or put together, but I was totally enchanted by the names. And I love me a bit of Joss. I just saw the first couple of episodes of Dollhouse and am in love all over again.

I went to spend time with the kittens again today. We took a whole lot of photos, but the camera didn't work. The little girl, Maisie, was over having her photo taken and went off for a nap. The boy, Pangur Ban, is a little more... active and we got a few more shots. Rather than have this turn into a cat blog already, I put some of them up on flickr instead.

Pangur Ban and friend.

They are going to come home at the start of the holidays and we are going to hang out in the house and learn about each other.

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