Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They sang Gillian -

I went home for the weekend for some music.

If you count Friday (when I finished some birthday socks) I got three projects finished, so I went and bought some yarn. I also got my yearly fix of Colinette because Sarah has a stand each year in the festival arena.

Because I can't help myself but to slavishly follow bloggers, I asked my favourite act to hold my sock. He was very good humored about it. And thought it was great that I had knit it during his show.

I was taken to the folk festival when I was 8, and the only act I remember (in Stage 5 which smelled strongly of a smoke I know recognise as illicit) was this man:

I am not sure if he was offended by my knitting during his performance, he certainly seemed surprised.

The dogs (belonging - in order - to mum, aunty, brother) were shut in the house during the day and were Not Impressed.

And to give you a bit of an idea why I got No Sleep (apart from because I was kicked out of my room to a tent), I present you with my family:

There are, of course, more photos of my family carousing, but my blog would lose its child-friendly rating if I were to post them.

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