Saturday, March 14, 2009

Insomnia, again -

So, been a big day and I can't sleep. Again. I have tried all the regular tricks, but I have got bored of lying in bed trying to trick myself into sleep. So I have got up to knit socks.

I applied for a grant to develop some stuff for work a few weeks ago. I didn't really want it, because I don't have enough time for the work I have now. And I found out this morning that I got it. I was torn between delight and sinking despair. $4,000. Help.

I renewed my passport this afternoon, just in case my request for leave is approved. And I arranged to visit some people tomorrow afternoon. People who breed cats. To look at kittens I might bring home at Easter time.

My brain is overloaded and fried and, even though I ache through and through, I can't find sleep.

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