Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Up all night -

I am going away this weekend and, rather than think about all the stuff that is stressing me out at work, I am spending some time thinking about more important things.

With my bargain with myself (two, maybe three, projects finished before I can buy a skein of Trail Socks gold) I am highly motivated to take along some projects that need finishing. The wolery is nearly there, baktus would be good and mindless, and versatility has been on the needles far too long for a project that was supposed to be about the instant gratification.

But I find myself attracted to the idea of casting on something new (I pause for the gasp and astonishment). I have been planning to knit Cleite for ages now, and I have the pattern printed out and the delicious cashmere all ready to go. My only problem is a distressing tendency to refer to it as Cletus (the slack-jawed) when I am trying to remember what it is called.

And there is the failed second noro scarf. I started to knit it again and, after all the love with the first one, I found I just didn't give an arse about the colour progression and the stripes of the second one. I have been thinking about other possibilities for the noro.

And I am still thinking about hats. Maybe with some delicious new yarn I *ahem* found a few months ago. It may be as close as I come to qiviuk.

I shall go knit socks while I cogitate.


Bec said...

not rather hot to be knitting with cashmere in stuffy tents?? (wish I was going - very jealous here :P)

Ceels said...

You should check out the weather forecast for this weekend. Sure in the past it has been hot and burny, but:
Forecast for Friday
Warrnambool Shower or two. Min12Max20
Forecast for Saturday
Warrnambool Shower or two. Min12Max20
Forecast for Sunday
Warrnambool Cloudy. Min10Max20
Forecast for Sunday
Warrnambool Partly cloudy. Min10Max23

I was going to cook a cake tonight, but I've been all crying since I heard about my pony, I don't know if it is going to happen...