Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spring -

My second favourite time of year. I love the flowers.

I love the green that new leaves have.

I keep getting distracted by the pretty colours and have to go over for a closer look.

But there is no colour more distracting than the outrageous pink of the pigface. I have no time for this colour, but on the pigface it works.

Mustaa villaa asked the hard questions today: "What do you think? What would be the ideal amount for you? And how much sock yarn do you have?"
I think she has a lovely collection of sock yarn. I think the ideal amount for me would be enough for eight pairs. I discovered, after a quick Sunday-morning yarn audit (and it seems I missed two skeins hiding in special places), I have enough sock yarn for 32 pairs...

Of course, I don't intend to use all the sock yarn for socks, so, if you take out the stuff intended for other projects, it is only 15 pairs. But I think this is a timely reminder not to buy any more sock yarn. No matter how pretty.

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