Friday, October 31, 2008

Lhasa, Tibet AR, 27/09/08 -

At lunchtime we visited the Tibet museum. It was built about two years ago (anyone spotting a pattern?) and had some interesting stuff, but was just what you'd expect.

The guardian of the cemetery.

Coral mask.

A loom - I thought this was excellent, but the lighting didn't allow for a clear shot.

This shot is a little clearer.

It was at about this point that we stopped listening to the recorded 'guide'. The rest was a little hard to stomach, especially the 'natural mineral resources' room (which was annotated, but not in English or Tibetan).

Tibet has ever been an attraction of visit in its unknowns . The "No-man's
Land" to the north of the plateau is ever more unknown . It is described as a
natural treasure owing to its bright future with its particular geographical cond-
itions and rich natural resourse . Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet , parti-
cularly since the reform and opening up , by the tender care of the Chinese Co-
mmunist party Central Committee and by the highly concern and correct leade-
rship of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee , including the help of
the sister departments , the "No-man's Land" in Tibet's northern pla-teau has
undergone a remarkable change in its protection and establishments , in its sci-
ence and technology achievements , in its protection of science , and a good
foundation is laid for its proper opening of natural resources.
This exhibition , chiefly of a selection of photos and samples provided by
the Tibetan Traditional Medicine Circles ( including samples provided by Tibe-
t's other regions ) is to help people directly to understand the fascination of
the "No-man's Land" in Tibet's northern plateau of Nakchu , To improve und-
erstanding the protection of wild life , and to accelerate the protection ,
development and establishment of the "No-man's Land" in Tibet's northern
plateau of Nakchu .

Nuff said.

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