Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Chengdu, Sichuan provence, 22-23/09/08 -

It reminded me of Kaylee.

We walked to Wenshu temple. Until this point I'd just felt I was waiting for the 'real' trip to begin.

But the gardens around the temple were incredibly peaceful and much cooler than the rest of the city.

And we ended up spending a great deal of time there. I couldn't order spicy Sichuan food, mum wasn't interested, but the monks made a great lunch for us. Then we drank tea in the tea garden, I got to speak to lots of Chinese women who liked my knitting.


Amelia said...

hey happy traveller - you're gadding about this year! enjoy yourself.

x Amelia

Ceels said...

Yes, my year of madness. I plan to spend most of next year in bed, recovering!

I spoke to a cousin I haven't chatted to in ages. He is living in Seattle and also talked about the rain. Melbourne could do with a bit more of it.