Monday, October 20, 2008

Lhasa, Tibet AR, 26/09/08 -

In the morning we went to Jokhang temple. It was right by our hotel and is one of the holiest places in Lhasa. It was also very pretty.

On the roof was this Buddhist symbol, I remember being told the explanation for the deer and the wheel, but it is lost in the dim mists of waay too much information about sects and hats and panchens and compassionate bodhisattvas.

On the roof we met an American traveller who told us about an earthquake in Shigatse (the town we were supposed to go to in two days time). It turned out it was in Shigatse region, not the town, so it was all fine fine and if you didn't do things in Tibet because of the earthquakes it would be like not doing things in Dorset because of the rain.

In one direction you could see the Potala (yes, I made it to the top of that red bit - I have no evidence or memory of it, but I did get there.)

In the other direction... mountains (if I had moved the camera slightly to the right, you would be able to see all the army guys with guns. Army guys standing around on the rooves. Watching the crowds. With big guns.).

I could have spent the whole trip looking at the mountains.

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