Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kugel, Blintzes, Zakushki (Bless you)

So, I went to this cafe last week and was telling everyone about it because I loved it. I took my parentals there this week and have decided I love it so much that I might stop telling people about it. The design (mostly grungy, graffiti-y) gave my parents pause, and so too did the menu (mostly Polish, some of it sounds a bit weird).

But the food was as delicious and filling this week as last. The tea transcended and my stepdad had a second coffee. Mum carved my name in the table. You are allowed to do that. Carve stuff into the table. They leave chisels out for you.

I suspect I will be back there next Sunday.

My parentals were here this weekend for a horse in a race (as they have been the last ten weekends) and were kind enough to pick up some furniture for me. I have grown-up furniture. I want to invite people over and have tea. The kitchen is transformed.

I have spent the WHOLE afternoon cleaning and throwing things away. It was carthartic.

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