Monday, September 14, 2009

Plans -

The holidays start at the end of the week and I am just going to quickly jot down a few things. I always get to the holidays and can't remember all the things I was wanting to do when I didn't have time.

Make pumpkin and ginger waffles. Except I am going to have to find someone with a waffle maker. Find someone with a waffle maker.

Which puts me in mind of pumpkin pie. Make pumpkin pie.

The first thing I am going to start on the holidays is brooklyntweed's Beaumont Tam.

Grow corn and sunflowers.

Go to Wang (hee hee) (or Beechworth) with someone fabulous.

Finish spinning the blue fibre into yarn.

Teach the girl cat (now called Artemis [mis for short, which I think is bloody hilarious, but then I would]) to walk on the lead. Outside.

Bake cupcakes with fabulous icing.

Go see some films. (Up, Coraline, something with Boots in the title (or was that just a dream?) Che (o! Benicio, be still my heart) and the 10 Conditions of Love (if it is still showing))

Lie in the park under a tree and read a book.

Lie under a tree in my favourite part of the cemetery and read a book.

Hang out with friends I haven't seen in ages.

Cook extensively from the new books from Portland and include Broad Bean and Mint Salad with Asparagus; Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes; Cornbread Salad; and Red Lentils with Chaat Masala among the recipes to make.


Lonepelican said...

you can add some time by the sea - with some horses to pat

Ceels said...