Saturday, May 30, 2009

Poetry Cats -

I think I have settled on a name for the new kitten. So now we have Pangur Ban, named from an Irish poem written in Austria. And (with help from a friend in Canada who suggested 'siren'* (the same friend who suggested Pangur Ban) and a friend in Germany who suggested this name in particular) Lorelei, from a German poem.

I am getting pretty fond of them.

*Her: "What is new kitten's name?"

Me: "I can't decide. I was going with Digby before I met her. Jekyll was winning there for a while when she was swinging between 'get the f$%#k away from me' and 'oh ah, pat me, i love you'.
She has a distinct 'S' shape on her side - so I was thinking Sun Yi or Silk. Now I am thinking Magrat Garlik, with Maggie for when she is being particularly endearing and Rat or Maggot when she is being particularly foul."

Her: "Hmm, I like all of those. "Silk" is a particularly great name for a kitty, I think, though it doesn't really have the two-facedness angle covered.
What about Siren? Lovely to admire, but get too close and she'll rip your f*&$ing face off. "

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