Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tomorrow -

So, I won't be bringing home this many minions kittens, but tomorrow will see two new additions to the household. I feel equal parts lookingforwardtoit-ness and terror.

This is Pangur Ban sitting with another cat. It is likely he will end up this colour when he grows up.

And this is Maisie - I am now desperately in love with her. Last visit she didn't seem that impressed by me. She is a little younger than Pangur Ban so the breeder suggested I take the girl from Pan's litter. I knelt down and reached out my hand to the girl and Maisie trotted up, planted her butt down in front of me, looked up and said hello. Then she sat on my lap twice and claimed the cat bed three times. I felt like I was being told exactly who was boss and who would be making all the decisions. She's little, but she's got plenty of sass.

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