Saturday, April 04, 2009

Day One -

I fed them, they went mad then they passed out in their basket.

We woke them from their nap in the basket and Pangur Ban napped in the sun instead.

Then he napped on my housemate. He hasn't been eating much.

And Maisie kept a close eye on everything outside.

We curled up for the afternoon - they slept on my tummy while I read and napped. I fed them again, they went mad, running all around the lounge room, beating each other up.

Now they are asleep in the cat tree. After I got them home last night, I realised that a cat tree was needed in very short order if the carpet and furniture were to survive.

They have been using the litter tray and there have been no accidents. They are so fastidious that they call me to come and clean up right after they've been. Maisie has been eating so much that her little belly wobbles from side to side when she walks. Pangur Ban hasn't been as interested.

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