Sunday, April 26, 2009

Starting again -

It feels weird to me to have just made an 18 year commitment to two little lives. I have been struggling a bit with it. It doesn't tie in well with my infrequent urges to go overseas for long-ish stints of time. It has holed the ship that was my plan to spend two years in Eritrea.

I don't think I was quite ready to give up that person who did things like spend three months in remote Madagascar.

I am in a ripping mood today. The Noro did not work out as a second Noro Scarf. I tried a log-cabin square with an eye towards a rather expensive blanket. Then I saw another blanket at cosmicpluto and fell a little bit in love. So I am thinking of ripping out the yarn and taking up my crochet hook.

And versatil must go. It is more than half done, but every time I knit on it I feel dejected. I am thinking of a second large crochet granny square, because I get obsessive like that, but we'll see.

One more cat photo, for luck. And to remind me I don't want to leave them for a year to go traipsing.

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