Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yarn (or the want of it) -

I went through the stash the other night. In part because I was egged on by a friend who has been staying, in part because I had lost two skeins of yarn and thought this might shake them loose.

So, I flash my stash for the first time. I did find the yarn, which is nice because now I can knit the sleeves of my brother's jumper.

This morning I finished Topographie in the Monet Cadenza, the purl bumps are not so far from lilies on the water.

We went for breakfast where there was a breakfast cat at the door.

And one of the more delicious pots of tea I have had. I will be going back there again soon. It was delightful.

We went from breakfast to Sunspun, where I didn't buy yarn for the Brooklyntweed Noro Scarf. It was a near miss. My friend tried every persuasive technique she knew to coax me to yarn-buy. She even challenged me to a race to the finish. My competitivness was nearly the end of me, but I stood firm. The only thing I worry about is that I've used up all my standing-firmness. I better not go into the city.


Bec said...

So I am 10 inches in, and now Jess wants one for her birthday. She has offered to subsidise the yarn purchase...

(There's still time for you to join the race - you should give me a handicap anyway :P)

Ceels said...

But when would we go back to Sunspun?

kat said...

IS that an egg in the teapot?