Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas -

I know it is Christmas because I just spent the better part of the day passed out under a tree in the backyard with two dogs and a good book. Other signs: I've just been sent down the street to get a Christmas present on behalf of one parental unit (who is at the pub) for the other parental unit (who is pretending that this doesn't happen every year). I am also going to head down to the village green in half an hour to sing carols with the village choir.

It is really hard to take a picture of two bad black dogs.

I have given the badly out-sized bayret to the brother. I should probably take a picture of him when he hasn't just hauled out of bed, having arrived at 4 am this morning. He and the cuz came through the nearest large town at 3 am and were flagged down by the police looking for drugs and guns. The car was searched and they were surly. I guess a caddy with two dodgy looking boys is just too much of a cliche.

This year's Christmas tree.

I'm off to sing and then make the pudding.

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