Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Day -

I waited for AGES for everyone to get up for Christmas - I was very good and didn't wake anyone (except my parental units, but I always wake them up on Christmas morning, and at least I waited til 7am this year).

I gave the first gift, and then read it to my little cousin (it has sound effects, everyone laughed, even the hung over people).

Cups of tea were made, presents were handed out from under the tree. (I know that looks suspiciously like a wine bottle in the foreground, but no one started drinking until 11am).

Well, nearly. The boys didn't get in until 3 in the morning and, when I sent the dogs in to wake them at 10, one of them came out and opened a pre-mixed whiskey...

I cooked a turkey.

The turkey did this to the family.

And this is my Christmas pony. My boon childhood companion, still kicking on.

In spite of my plans, no knitting has been done. I started a bloody book. I had the overwhelming urge to write in the margins (doesn't often happen, but when it does, I am powerless to resist), but it doesn't belong to me, so I have been writing on scraps of paper.

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